China has some 200 million e-bikes running on the road

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19/02/2017 1 Comment

Today some 700 Chinese companies manufacture e-bikes. According to China Bicycle Association (CBA), the top ten e-bike companies accounted for 47% of the total production in 2014. China has some 200 million e-bikes running on the road totaling CNY 100 billion (14bn euro) in value, a tenfold increase from 2005. The value of the entire upstream and downstream industry chain has reached CNY 200 billion (28bn euro). Since 2013, China has set and implemented regulations for the specs and size of e-bike lithium batteries while also a Battery Management System was launched. In October 2014, China reached a strategic collaboration agreement with Germany. With that the Chinese electric car brands will adopt the same charging standards as BMW and Audi. During the first half of 2014, the production of lithium battery equipped e-bikes reached 1.7 million units; an increase of 36% and accounted for over 50% of the total e-bike export.

Currently, major motorcycle manufacturers are entering the e-bike industry at full speed as demand from the motorcycle market shrinks. China’s motorcycle tycoons like Haojue, Zongshen, and Dayun are all investing in e-bikes. This stronger competition forces current e-bike makers to upgrade themselves in order to survive.

China – Recent legislation in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and coming soon to Shenzhen forbids the use of e-bikes across large swathes of the cities. An alternative view on forbidding E-bikes in China “It is not easy to run a country, but we need make decisions based on science,” said Dr. David Hon Following legislation in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, it has been reported that Shenzhen may also start to limit the use of electric bikes. Chinese people are getting wealthier and buying more and more cars, which as we know has caused many problems, such as heavy traffic, serious air pollution and poor physical health in big cities.

In fact a highly viable alternative to fossil fuel powered vehicles is already available; bicycles and e-bicycles together with public transit form a good system and a true solution to the problem. The people and governments of Japan and Europe have already made many long-term environmental protection strategies, whilst at the same time making every effort to push energy saving and emission reducing transportation methods. All of these have been proven to perform well.

Of Course, China has not been absent from the movement for international environmental protection, with the 11th five-year report (the Chinese government’s five-year development plan) having issued and formulated related goals and budgets towards environmental concerns. China is the world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles and electric vehicles, with sales of up to 80,000,000 units, accounting for 80% of global turnover.



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