Fitia Foods

Fitia Foods Inc. is a Corporation with Headquarter Offices in New York. Its main business is food products such as beer, wine, olive oil, honey, coffee and other health related products.

It is our mission to establish and maintain a profitable and growing business that will benefit our shareholders, business partners and customers.

Our Products integrate global market preferences and with the objective to cover the nutritional needs of the modern day consumer all over the world and follow trends that will influence future demand.

A combination of resources and experience has enabled Fitia Foods to meet the challenges of the rapidly expanding world market and launch products that combine quality and innovative trust.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fitia Foods successfully exports the highest quality of Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from privately owned olive groves and other certified producers, carefully selected, bearing the “Designation of Origin” from the olive oil producing regions of Greece.

Fitia Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is considered one of the healthiest products from Mother Nature and is the basis of the Mediterranean Diet. It’s the “Golden Drop of Greece”! It is extracted from the first cold pressing of olives and it meets the ultimate health standards.


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