Google Sets Up Own Mobile Network

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22/04/2015 Leave a comment

Google has become a virtual mobile network operator, and will be setting up its own service in the USA, relying on the Sprint and T Mobile USA networks.

However, the service will be limited to just Motorola Nexus 6 smartphone users, at least initially.

The MVNO based service, called Project Fi will also, in some unspecified manner aim to connect users via either Wi-Fi or LTE depending on which of the two cellular networks offers the best coverage options.

With Project Fi, the phone number has also been split from its traditional reliance on a SIM Card and lives in the cloud, so users can talk and text with their number on just about any phone, tablet or laptop.

The service will come with a $20 per month flat fee, and then users will be charged at US$10 per GB of data.

As usual with Google, it’s an invite only service at first, and potential customers have to register for an invite.

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