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IBM Watson project represents a first step into cognitive systems, a new era of computing, fueling a New Era of Cognitive Apps.

It uses programmatic computing plus the combination of three additional capabilities that make Watson truly unique: natural language processing, hypothesis generation and evaluation, and dynamic learning.

While none of these capabilities is unique to Watson by itself, the combination delivers the power to move beyond programmatic computing and unlock the world of global, unstructured data.
With Watson technology, we can move from a keyword-based search that provides a list of locations to an intuitive, conversational means of discovering a set of confidence-ranked responses.

Watson is “A more natural relationship between the human and the computer.”

Watson Explorer combines search, content analytic, and cognitive computing to help organization work more efficiently and make better decisions.

Watson searches
Explorer’s search combines content and data from many different systems throughout the enterprise and presents it to users in a single view, dramatically reducing the amount of time spent looking for information and increasing their ability to work smarter. Explorer 360-degree information applications deliver data, analytics and cognitive insights relevant to the user’s role, context and current activities.

Watson analyzes
Watson’s content analytics allow enterprises to extract meaning and insight from natural language content such as customer comments and research reports, and to use those insights to streamline business operations, uncover risk, gain a better understanding of customers, and make better decisions.

Watson interprets
By integrating services from the Watson Developer Cloud, clients can take advantage of unique cognitive services such as entity extraction and question answer APIs to augment how they use Explorer.

Case study
Mobile Service Provider
A top mobile service provider reduced average handling time, improved customer satisfaction, and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars when it implemented a product knowledge hub, built on IBM Watson Explorer.
As the mobile service provider’s call center agents spoke with the subscribers, they were used multiple applications to look up relevant information that was often time-consuming and imprecise. The provider turned to Watson Explorer to supply over 40,000 call center agents with the information from multiple data sources to resolve customer issues faster and more reliably, resulting in lower average handling time and improved customer satisfaction. Most importantly, the move to production successfully met the client’s business case just in time for peak call volume during Black Friday shopping.

The service provider estimated that every second shaved off the AHT results in millions of dollars in cost savings for their call center operations. The business also saved hundreds of thousands of dollars that were otherwise spent in manually segmenting and processing information. Today, call center agents do not answer any inbound calls without first logging into Watson Explorer.

IBM Watson project


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