Eugro Holding Corporation (Eugro) is a unique knowledge-based company. Established in 2007 and headquartered in New York City, Eugro offers a broad range of services to add value and create international business opportunities. Our primary businesses are:

• International trade involving commodities, consumer and industrial products & services
• Complex project management
• Strategic finance and investment

These core businesses are organized into groups and business departments that cover such industries as telecommunication, real estate & construction, energy, foods, electric vehicles, consumer electronics.
Other important Eugro business services are marketing and distribution, sourcing and transfer of technology as well as product sourcing and supply chain management.

Leveraging Our Global Network
Our key business strategy involves leveraging our knowledge of industries and markets around the world to create new, sustainable businesses.

We transform opportunities into businesses by providing services to various industries at different stages of the product or project cycle.

We add value through our ability to finance and invest in the development of companies and projects, as well as through our expertise in developing the upstream and downstream activities needed for businesses to succeed.

Strategically investing across crucial touch points, we help create dynamic new ventures that benefit our business partners.

As a global operating Company, Eugro is building a network of international representative offices and aims to build up its presence both in existing and prospective markets.

For many years Europe has been the Company’s major export market.
Eugro supplies commodities and services to many European countries and intends to invest in European environmental-friendly, renewable energy projects.

In order to make business operations more efficient in Europe, today Eugro is engaged in opening of representative offices in Athens and Kavala of Greece.

Eugro Holding Corporation and the Eugro Companies
Eugro Holding Corporation (Eugro) is a dynamic group delivering stable growth and value to its shareholders, clients and the society. Eugro with Headquarter Offices in New York, USA with own plants and offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Eugro is a community that consists of a multitude of independent global operating companies:
• Eugrotel – Telecom Products and Services
• Eugro Energy – Eco Friendly Renewable Energy Products and Services
• Eugro Real Estate – Investment, Property Management and Construction
• Eugro Motors- Eco Friendly Transportation Products and Services
• Eugro Electronics – Consumer Electronics
• Fitia Foods – Food Products Wholesale

Eugro companies conduct their business activities independently, but as they share the same founding management philosophy, they cooperate in areas of common interest

Commitment to Society and the Environment.
The communities where Eugro Holding Corporation operates provide the setting where we express what we most value.

Core to our involvement at the community level are the corporate principles of Eugro:
Responsibility to Society, Integrity and Fairness and Global Understanding through Business.
We understand and accept our broad social and environmental responsibilities.

We conduct our business in a manner that helps protect our natural heritage, seeking to use our business expertise and the technical expertise of our global partners to help create a rich and enduring living environment.

Sustainability Report and Stakeholder Engagement
Part of our responsibility to society is to be transparent about the impact of our business activities on the earth.

Eugro Holding Corporation is committed to continuing engagement with our stakeholders so that we can further examine our sustainability footprint.