Tesla Partners With Airbnb to Offer Charging Stations for Its Electric Cars

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25/08/2015 Leave a comment

Electric car maker Tesla has forged a partnership with home rental service Airbnb Inc. to set up charging stations for owners of its vehicles.

Tesla, in an e-mailed statement to various news outlets, said it planned to construct free stations at 30 “high-end” Airbnb properties on the West Coast.

Airbnb, which is based out of San Francisco, said it plans to partner with Tesla to offer even more charging stations in the future. The partnership, eventually, will supply Tesla with access to host locations across the country. Tesla has been working to improve its network coverage for a number of months.

The charging stations are geared primarily for people driving long distances — the Model S can drive 208 to 270 miles before running out of battery power, Tesla has said.

News of the partnership comes just one week after reports that Tesla loses $4,000 on every one of its Model S electric sedans it sells.

A lengthy report by Reuters explained CEO Elon Musk has even set a deadline of 2016’s first quarter for the company to start turning a profit. He has told investors that is when the automaker will be turning enough profit to expand its line from just one vehicle to a small fleet of multiple vehicles.



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