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With technology evolving and developing at an incredible rate, it is hard to predict what we might see in the next few years but, based on various trends, rumors and inside news researched by Logo Glaze, it has been concluded the following 15 innovations are imminent.

1. Flexibility
Flexible screens have been around for a while; in fact, researchers have already built up a flexible phone prototype that runs on KitKat. It is likely a little rough around the edges, but you should be able to roll up your phone in the not so distant future. You would also be able to view the screen from both sides of the phone, enabling you to show pictures or videos to your friends while controlling it from the other side.

2. Thermal Imaging
Yes, you read that right. You must be wondering what thermal imaging has to do with ordinary people because, traditionally, it is for military use only. But so was GPS, and look at how convenient it has made our lives. Its purposes are limitless, it can tell you when your BBQ is ready, it can help you find your pet in the dark, etc. Hide and seek might not be as fun after thermal imaging is commercialized, but that’s a tiny price to pay when it comes to its countless benefits.

3. Inbuilt projector
Smartphones do come with limits, like small screen sizes. But if the screens are not big enough, why not compensate it with a projector? With its in built projector, you would be able to play your favorite games or movies as long as you have a flat surface.

4. Seamless voice control
Voice control has been there in the industry for ages, with SIRI, Alexa and Google assistant headlining the voice recognition platform. They have improved a lot over the years but what we need now is seamless voice control that understands our commands according to the original context rather than the denotation of the words. It will also be able to understand your emotional state just by analyzing your voice so that it can give you better advice.

5. Holograms
At this moment we have phones with the capability to produce 3D images and Apple is providing you with super crisp displays at a screen resolution that cannot be perceived by human eyes. Amazing isn’t it? No. 3D is a thing of the past. What is coming next is the ability to say hello to your friend via a hologram — this is what the future has to offer.

6. Augmented Reality
There are a few apps that allow augmented reality on a limited basis, but the future will make augmented reality a basic necessity for every phone. For starters, augmented reality means that you can point your phone at your surroundings and it will pull data from the Internet to display information about your surroundings and even give directions to find your location. By using computerized sensory technology you would be able to find your favorite restaurants, souvenir shops, public restrooms etc.

7. Retina scanning
As far as we are concerned, anything that allows us to input our passwords without typing is worth a lot. But, retina scanning is much more than that. Retina scanning is not only more accurate than a fingerprint reader, it is also hard to reproduce. Therefore it makes your phone and its transactions extremely secure. With the technology of NFC on its peak, we would definitely need an advanced security system.

8. Real-time translation
We know that there are certain companies in the world such as Skype that are already using real-time translation for its desktop version. But this technology would be perfect for our Smartphones as well. The world has already become a global village, but imagine living in a world where you are not constrained by language barriers. Travelers would be able to use it to commute to any part of the world without a language barrier. Business would be able to operate throughout the world.

9. An accurate GPS
We use GPS daily while commuting, but it is not that accurate — this is why sometimes you have difficulty finding an Uber or your GPS takes you in the wrong direction. An accurate GPS would be achieved by installing small receivers on your phones which will improve your precision to the nearest centimeter while communicating with satellites. With precision improved to the nearest centimeter, the future will offer us a GPS with an accuracy increased a hundredfold.

10. Transform any surface into touchscreen
With laser projection technology in Smartphones, you would be able to convert any surface into a touchscreen, meaning you’d be able to transform your six-inch phone into an 18-inch touchscreen. This technology would allow us to transform an ordinary surface into a piano keyboard to fulfill our music needs, or you can use it to play your favorite games on a big screen.

11. Rise of gestures and touch-free input
There is a rise of phones filled with apps that follow your gestures. You have stylus, motion sensors, NFC, accelerometer, pace detectors etc. in almost every phone. But what we are expecting is some major improvement where you wouldn’t have to touch a single time to send an e-mail or while making a payment. Not only this, you would be able to play games or zoom photos via your body gestures, making your body the controller.

12. Appcessories
Appcessories is a new term that means you would have apps needing special accessories to function according to your need. For example, you have a Picasso app that needs a Pico projector to project images so you can start working on your masterpiece. The future holds many Appcessories like these, which would be catering different requirements and according to different niches such as sports, business, travelling etc.

13. Sensitive sensors track the world in real time
There may be many sensors in your phone already collecting information about movement, rotation, speed etc. These sensors are gaining popularity with every passing day with companies slipping in additional sensors every now and then. In the future, these sensors would report detailed information such as the quality of the air.14. Modular phones

14. Modular phones
Modular phones would allow us to add whatever components we like to our handsets. Do you have an interest in photography? Put an additional lens on it. Are you interested in games? Attach a console to it. The possibilities are limitless. It would allow you to build up your phone while replacing the components you don’t need.

15. Battery Life
Realistically speaking, all of these 14 features would drain your average battery in an hour, therefore, we would definitely need a breakthrough in battery life and power technologies. There are many companies currently working on alternate technologies such as Lithum-sulphur, hydrogen fuel cells etc. Companies must be cautious while packing such intense power in a small battery because explosions are not unheard of.

We will have to keep our fingers crossed that in the future we will be able to use our phone for days without charging it again and again.



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