Worldwide Mobile Data Traffic to reach almost 39 million TB per month in 2020

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Due to both the increasing number of mobile subscribers in the world and the subscribers’ desire to stay constantly connected through their mobile device, the amount of data flowing over the world’s mobile network is increasing exponentially.

­iGR, a market research consultancy estimates that in 2015, approximately 2.5 million terabytes (TB) of mobile data traffic flowed over the world’s mobile data networks per month.

And by 2020 iGR forecasts mobile data traffic will increase to 39 million TB per month.

Mobile consumers use their devices for a variety of activities and applications that consume mobile data, including downloading or streaming music and video, OTT services, video calling, checking social sites, and using Voice over IP (and Voice over LTE). In the model used for its mobile data forecast, iGR recognizes these activities, as well as variables for each type of activity, including duration of the activity and frequency of use, such as number of times per day, week or month.

“iGR believes that the consumption of mobile data will grow aggressively over the forecast period in both developing markets and more mature markets,” said Iain Gillott, president and founder of iGR. “The drivers of this growth include network rollouts, such as continued 3G expansion in developing markets and upgrades to LTE and LTE-Advanced in mature markets, reasonably priced data-centric smartphones, and the trend toward consuming content stored in the cloud.”

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